Larry Reznick programmed computers professionally since the early days of microcomputers. Back then he developed and taught some of the first Radio Shack and Computerland programming and application software classes for personal and business computer users. Wrote and taught the first word processing classes attended by some well-known screenwriters. One early program used by a large company’s field technicians fixed damaged data on disk, repaired memory problems, debugged and even repaired programs while the program was running. He also had fun using a mainframe as a slave to a microcomputer for an important business operation.

Over the years, among other programming and systems administration work, Larry wrote software that

  • captured images and stored data on laser disks before they were widely used, and produced high-security picture ID cards, engraved in plastic from the laser disk data;
  • indexed auto repair manuals for laser disk storage before the days of widespread CDs;
  • defined and implemented the patented CodecSys encoding system for video;
  • programmed a fire alert server used by 911 call centers.

Larry wrote course material and the textbook for beginning and intermediate computer programming students at a private high school and taught those classes. While still working at startups and large companies, Larry wrote accredited college computer curriculum and taught classes in programming, algorithms, software design, and system usage.

His magazine articles were widely read, including SysAdmin magazine. As SysAdmin’s editor, he set issue themes, approved article proposals, and edited article content along with writing articles for every issue. He continues to write technical and user documentation for large and small companies.