Better Pseudorandom Numbers

Pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) assist simulations by giving different values tied to choices a person might make. True randomness cannot happen with deterministic software. Following in the footsteps of Donald Knuth (or directly), using the term “random” here to discuss deterministic values is easier, even if less precise than “pseudorandom”. Present a large enough set of … Read more

Good Passphrases

The best passwords and passphrases are long and are derived from a large character set. Recalling that “X^Y” means raise X to the power of Y, “X/Y” means X divided by Y, and “X*Y” means X multiplied by Y, the following formulas demonstrate their importance: PossiblePWs = CharsInSet ^ PWLength PWEntropyBits = log(CharsInSet) / log(2) … Read more