Good Passphrases

The best passwords and passphrases are long and are derived from a large character set. Recalling that “X^Y” means raise X to the power of Y, “X/Y” means X divided by Y, and “X*Y” means X multiplied by Y, the following formulas demonstrate their importance: PossiblePWs = CharsInSet ^ PWLength PWEntropyBits = log(CharsInSet) / log(2) … Read more

Setup F.Lux on Linux

Some years ago, while reading Mark Sisson’s health advice, I found out (directly) about f.lux software. It changes the screen’s color temperature (blue) from my system’s daytime usage into a color temperature more sleep conducive (red) for nighttime usage. At night, red color temperature (a warm color) does not block, maybe even facilitates, melatonin production … Read more